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I know I may be asking for much but I really could use your help, guys. I applied to become one of American Eagle’s future spokesmodels but I need a high amount of votes from anyone and everyone to achieve this! All you have to do is click on the link and vote. That’s it! Please help and thank you in advance! :3



Thank You

I just wanted to say “Thank You”, to everyone who has followed and believed in me. There was a time where I NEVER thought I’d EVER make it this far, if anywhere at all! <3

You can find me on Facebook (As my facebook page grows, I have giveaways! I’ll also have prints for sale soon!), Fetlife and Pinterest and if you’d like… You can email me!




FET: Look up - Admiral-TiaMaria

Be sure to look for me at Meta Con in Minneapolis and New York Comic Con (Saturday only) this year!

-Admiral Tia Maria

Tonight is a horribly sad one as I find out that a dear friend (in Australia) is on his death bed. I’m trying to come up with a last min. way to fly over there before he dies but it’s not looking too hopeful… Never have I had anyone in my circle of friends or close family members die so this is taking a huge toll on me.
Steve Young is a courageous man with the heart of pure gold. Always giving and loving everyone but himself… His wife, Helena Young, is going through a hell I could never imagine and even though I dont believe in a god I’m prying for them both. For Steve, a last min miracle. For Helena, sanity and peace.
I love you both, I really do. You were and always will be apart of my cosplay family… Never forgotten

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